Friday, September 05, 2008

Old School

Tonight I helped some guildies run Dire Maul. Wow. DM, an old throwback to the older days of WoW. It was cakewalk for three 70's and two lower levels. But I can only imagine how difficult it must have been back in the day. All those demons, elementals, and ogres must have been a huge pain!

I leveled Ikky to 62 tonight, learned Steady Shot. I'm really coming into my own with my Hunter, and I'm definately digging my giant spider of doom, Zarakh. She's so creepy, it makes me so proud. Haha!

As it is, it's well past Three AM, I'm headed to bed. Happy Hunting to all you out there!

Until next time, or if something interesting happens, Ciao!

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Kiss and Makeup said...

Know what else is a huge pain?


Hope that made you smile!